GBT Sp. z o.o. New Gdansk Bulk Terminal Is Fully Operational

The new Gdansk Bulk Terminal, built in partnership by Malteurop Poland and the Danish company Copenhagen Merchants, opened officially on June 25.

Reims, July 5, 2013 – The Gdansk Bulk Terminal, built in partnership by Malteurop Poland and Copenhagen Merchants, is the largest cereal grain terminal at the port of Gdańsk, with a total combined flat and silo storage capacity of 37,000 tons.

This ultra-modern bulk terminal is a bi-modal platform for loading-unloading trucks and ships up to 10,000 tons. It offers flexible relations between input/output and an annual handling capacity of approximately 400,000 tons. It comprises a flat-storage warehouse with 5 compartments and 5 silos. It also has full facilities for washing and drying grain.

The terminal’s storage capacity of 19,200 tons in the warehouse and 17,500 tons in the silos and its loading rate of 400 tons per hour and unloading rate of 150 tons per hour make this middlesized grain terminal one of the best-performing in Poland.

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